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A girl witnesses her loyal childhood servant succumb to the demands of her sister's abusive husband.

A young woman gets a teaching job at a school for kids who are sick with Tuberculosis, and falls in love with the school doctor.

Forced to relive her plunge from the North Tower again and again in the afterlife, a victim of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City looks for a way to end her horrific cycle of death.

A deadly virus, created as an act of biological warfare, has swept the Western world, killing the majority of its citizens. When a lonely, naturally immune woman spots another survivor, she pursues him, albeit with unforeseen, tragic consequences.

Shortly after World War II ends, the captain of Lucky Dragon and his crew contract a mysterious disease that turn their skin scaly and hard. As the news spreads across the village, the crew's lives are changed dramatically.

A middle-aged woman is forced to grapple with her son’s mental illness and her partner’s disinterest. While she tries to accommodate everyone else, the woman begins to lose herself.

A fanciful reimagining of the nine enslaved people who provided each of the teeth in George Washington's set of dentures: an immigrant, a conjurer, a slave trader, a cook, a mystical being, an aspiring soldier, a runaway, a blacksmith, and a dream.

A daughter is left to be raised by her grandparents after her teen mom disappears, only to find herself in her senior year, pregnant and forced to leave her child with her grandparents as she joins the army.