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An American couple from New York travels to Puerto Rico for the summer during 1938, which proves to be an incredibly volatile moment in history for the island.

The owner of a pharmacy in New York is prejudiced towards Black people, going out of his way to prevent them from feeling welcome in the community. He is forced to reckon with his racism when his hospitalized daughter gives birth to a Black baby, which he goes on to raise as his own.

After a woman gives birth, her husband dies and she hallucinates a laughing "chinaman." She comes to see "chinamen" as an omen of death, and goes the rest of her life fearful that she will encounter another one.

Deep in one of Washington's national parks, two middle-aged men are ice fishing on the lake just outside their cabin. When an unexpected visitor arrives, the men have to decide whether to save themselves or this stranger.

A judge in Texas tries to get the signature of an undocumented Mexican immigrant, who goes to great lengths to avoid doing so due to his fear of the American legal system.

A Latino rock band travels to an archaic city in Mexico to visit the statue of the patron saint of death, Santa Muerte. Encountering a dogmatic group that abducts them, the band will need to do much more than pray to escape with their lives.