Short stories tagged with Human Sacrifice

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A young woman leading a colony settling on a new moon realizes that she must make an immense sacrifice to ensure her people's survival in an environment teeming with foreign microorganisms.

When a sheriff and his deputy try to talk down a gun-wielding hostage-taker, the deputy surprises the sheriff — and the hostage-taker — with his unexpected behavior.

Aboard a pirate ship headed towards hell for an unholy feast, an occultist must navigate a crew of satanists and cannibals if he wants to achieve his ulterior motives of marrying the daughter of an unholy, cannibalistic priest.

A Latino rock band travels to an archaic city in Mexico to visit the statue of the patron saint of death, Santa Muerte. Encountering a dogmatic group that abducts them, the band will need to do much more than pray to escape with their lives.