Short stories tagged with Garden.

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A college student visits her divorcee mother and her widowed friend on the farm they live on together and together they each start to push through their pasts to brighter futures.

A man with a large birthmark on his face reflects on his life and the neighbor girl he used to know as he cleans up the garden of his family home years after his parents have passed away.

A young orphaned girl becomes frightened when she hears rustling outside her window, which she believes comes from a prisoner who escaped from the nearby prison.

After his wife's death, a man struggles with his belief in God and with taking care of his young daughters as a single father. But when someone is brutally murdered in the rural countryside, the man finds both a welcome distraction in bringing justice to the killer and an unlikely ally along the way.

When a mother of three children visits her home country of South Africa for Christmas, her depression at how her life has failed her renders her neglectful, putting both her eldest child and sister in irreparable danger.

A middle-aged nanny gets hired to take care of a misbehaved five-year-old in the countryside of France, but she remains haunted by her past when she worked at a school and was fired by the man she had feelings for.

A contemporary Indian housewife’s peace is broken when she notices that her dog is locked in a dance to the death with a cobra.

Facing liquidation due to public mistrust of robotic life-forms, a historic robotics company introduces a new eco-friendly form of robot in hopes of improving robot-human coexistence only to accidentally pave the way for robot domination of life on Earth.

In an early 20th century Basque village, Etcheverrigaray and Utuburu fall for the same man, sparking a lifelong competition between these two women. They fight over their sons, their gardens, and the apple tree that sits on the wall between their properties, but when Etcheverrigaray suddenly dies, Madame Utuburu decides to live her remaining days by preserving the memory of Etcheverrigaray.

A black girl who has lost her memory is trapped working in a mysterious, fantastical garden owned by a white beekeeper who calls herself Mother Bea. The flowers in the garden speak to the girl and help her regain her memory so that she may escape.