Short stories tagged with Commitment

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An old woman experiences several blackouts as she approaches death.

A man does various jobs on a nearby farm owned by an old man as he struggles with problems with his wife. One night, the old man asks him to kill a skunk who has been eating his hens, and the hunt has unexpected consequences.

A mother struggles to come to terms with her son's mental illness, and begins to realize how poorly society treats people like him.

An alcoholic housewife struggles with her family obligations and her addiction.

When old friends come to visit, a perpetually single woman is forced to confront her tumultuous relationship with them, along with her own dating history.

A girl cares for her mentally unwell sister. When their family therapist passes away, the girl must help her sister grieve.

A series of vignettes about various sons along a family tree.

A young man invites a tourist to his favorite London café and recounts the strangest affair he’d ever had with a woman he picked up there; a woman who challenged and changed him. A young, beguiling man picks a tourist out of a group and invites him to see the real sites of London, not the tired and disappointing spectacles. He takes the tourist to the Café de Paris, an old but grand establishment with the promise of dancing and young ladies. The man admonishes his companion to loosen up, stay and drink, and while they wait for the evening to unfold the man begins a story.

A bored, neglected husband has a near-death experience that makes him question whether he is truly happy with his life.