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A young boy finds a clearing while exploring the wilderness and meditatively observes the nature around him.

Two characters who are unknowingly tied up in the pursuit of the same businessman find themselves in rural Japan, hunted by supernatural forces.

A 30-year-old lesbian businesswoman goes to a strip club with the other businessmen in hopes of winning a contract, but is surprised by her connection to one of the dancers—despite her hopes of playing it cool. As she ruminates over the connection, an old friend shows up and tells her information that upends everything she thinks she knows about her life.

In Galveston, Texas, in the year 1900, a wealthy businessman leaves his family on a train to Fort Worth and takes a ferry back to the island as part of an elaborate plot to murder a rival who dishonored his wife, planning to catch a later train; however, after the act is complete, he is trapped and killed in a hurricane, one of many deaths. His wife, safely in Forth Worth, learns of his death and continues an ongoing affair with his friend's son.