Short stories published in The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology

Listing 14 stories.

A young woman wants to run away from her supernatural forest home and go with her boyfriend to the City. However, her grandmother forbids it as she worries the woman will lose the connection to herself and their spiritual powers.

In a society where dreams are taboo, one man who has recurring dreams tries to find a place where he will fit in. He attends a therapy group, but there is something eerie about this bunch of people and Solar soon disappears.

While trying to save a group of kidnapped children, a man becomes captured himself and must figure out how to escape.

In a dystopian society, a woman makes it her life's mission to free citizens from monitors implanted in them by the authorities. When she becomes one of the most wanted people in the city, she must avoid the path of a fierce bounty hunter.

A young, Black woman wants to get rid of her Tell in order to forget about her lost love as well as kill him and his wife. She struggles to find the information she needs to find someone to do the job for her.

A professional hunter scours the City for the woman he loves struggles to but eventually finds her before anything happens to her.

The protagonist is instructed to receive money from a hustler in order to help a tinkerer get rid of the Tell in people's bodies. However, the authorities find them first and now she must escape in order to complete the mission.

A female assassin is assigned a target to kill, but cannot concentrate due to the effects of Purge, a substance which allows her to stop being mentally controlled by the government.

The narrator, an adult Black man, needs to make a quick buck and decides to go into mole removal for a shady contractor. Instead of an in-and-out job, it becomes a lot more complicated when secrets and ulterior motives are revealed.

A mysterious bounty hunter looks for a young woman, as she has important yet mysterious cargo that can give a great amount of power to whoever wields it. The bounty hunter, however, is not looking to kill her, but to protect her.