Short stories tagged with First Person Perspective

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A man dips his toe into horse racing with a mysterious business partner, rejoicing at their horse’s success until he is greeted with sinister news of the horse and his partner.

A man recounts his life experience in New York, covering the various people near and dear to him, as well as the growth of the city itself.

Though plagued by her economic circumstances, a pregnant former circus performer finds life blooming all around her when she forms a special connection with her boarding house’s pear tree.

When an ignorant farmer with a toothache seeks out the help of Paul Revere, he accidentally starts the American Revolution.

When a group of friends at a dinner party decide to try communicating with spirits, they accidentally learn a dark secret about a long-dead brother.

In the distant future, when the ocean has risen up to consume nearly all of humanity, a surviving woman watches her descendants grow less and less human and morph into alien-like creatures. She recounts her memories of the flood as she ascends a mountain to see her children, who have been left there to adapt into their new bodies.

A boy listens to his old friend tell a gruesome tale of his experience in the Civil War before the man’s health takes a turn for the worse.

A boy watches as his father takes up the sport of caterpillar racing. When the father's caterpillar faces a scheming and clever opponent, the father risks everything to beat him.

An African man arguing for his ancient grandfather’s passage to Mecca tells the story of his enslavement and separation from his brother during the American Civil War.

A boy’s relationship with his uncle and the concept of death changes as he witnesses the mysteriously consecutive deaths of his uncle’s caddies.