Short stories tagged with Racial Slurs

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While looking for a place to bury her son, a poor white woman thinks back to when she had to bury her husband after he was murdered.

A young boy eager to attend the market is allowed to wait by the wagon while his father and older brother leave to make orders for their store. However, tucked away on the wagon’s seat, he secretly witnesses two truckers commit a heinous crime.

A boy’s relationship with his uncle and the concept of death changes as he witnesses the mysteriously consecutive deaths of his uncle’s caddies.

A dissatisfied boxer struggles to find fulfillment away from the sport that has consumed every facet of his life. As the pressure to win competes with the pressure to marry his long-time girlfriend, the boxer must make a critical choice.

A miserable man writes a letter to his adulterous ex-wife, reviewing the signs he missed of her infidelity and the various lovers she took to eventually escape her marriage with a new husband.

On an island off the coast of South Carolina, two men quickly find themselves plagued by a mysterious spirit after one of them steals a flask from an African American man’s grave.

When a solider, who recently returned from fighting in the Philippines during World War II, comes to after an episode of PTSD, he realizes that the violence he dreams he has committed is not actually a dream at all.

An African American sharecropper is suddenly evicted from his home. When he tries to convince his landlord to stay, his landlord falsely accuses him of threatening violence and throws him into the jaws of the unfair justice system.