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In New York City, a woman is saved from being hit by a rogue car by a British man, and asks him to help her run away to England for her safety. A wrestler who knows her interrupts, revealing her feelings for him and that the plea for flight is a sham; the British man is being played.

An all-powerful, magical three-year old boy who can read minds, manipulates beings and objects, and more, terrifies a town into declaring everything is fine even if it is not, out of fear of the boy’s intervention. One night at a town gathering, the birthday man being celebrated gets drunk and angry at Anthony, who retaliates violently.

A young human boy goes into the nearby alien city to play with his alien friends after learning from his parents that humans had lost a battle in the war between the two people. There, he gets attacked by his friends and other aliens; he escapes, only to be told by his parents, once he is home, that the war is lost.

A detective finds a large mass of severed body parts, and sets to figure out the identity of the killer and their motives before they strike again.