Short stories tagged with Teleportation

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An all-powerful, magical three-year old boy who can read minds, manipulates beings and objects, and more, terrifies a town into declaring everything is fine even if it is not, out of fear of the boy’s intervention. One night at a town gathering, the birthday man being celebrated gets drunk and angry at Anthony, who retaliates violently.

When a young couple in a park joins hands and miraculously teleports back home, the man’s subsequent obsession with recreating that one-off spark of magic drives a wedge in between them.

In futuristic Nigeria, a seemingly innocent dinner party at the home of a wealthy scientist turns into a nightmare. Three women join forces to rescue the others with their special abilities and newly-acquired weapons.

A young woman guards the main exhibit of her family's London museum: The Emerald Coat, a garment which kills whomever dons it by permanently transporting them to another realm. The woman lives as a gatekeeper to death, wondering when she will fulfill what she believes to be her ultimate fate — putting the coat on herself, and leaving this world forever.