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Triggered by a fellow addict at a group therapy session, a man finds himself on the streets, in search of anything that will help him feel better.

A young mobster boy is brought in for questioning after he stabs an elderly man, and desperately wants to be taken seriously by the Chicago police officers.

A forty-five thousand pound coil triggers a memory for Kendra from when she was sixteen: driving on a truck with her mostly-absent father, watching her father play banjo, and thinking about a self-destructive girl.

A recently divorced couple struggle with their three-year-old son's erratic behavior in the wake of their divorce.

In this science fiction story the last holocaust survivor dies, leaving his granddaughter to carry his memories through a recording technology. The granddaughter of the last holocaust survivor struggles with her grandfather's death, and family tensions around her gentile boyfriend while crafting a plan to shut up holocaust deniers once and for all.

A maid in New York City catches stray bits and pieces of her customers’ lives as they waltz in and out of her dressing room at a nightclub.

After a string of girls from a prominent high school are found brutally murdered, two undercover cops have to work to dismantle the school's ironclad hierarchy and uncover the killer.

Three argumentative children staying at a resort for the summer attempt to work together to build a sandcastle.

A trio of two Europeans and one American, embark on a casual trip to the Italian countryside that becomes engrossed in contemplating what it means to be American.

After a dying mother instructs her children to find their distant aunt and new guardian, they must step outside the home they have always known and embark on a journey toward their new life.