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When a man known as the Unmarried Mother enters a bar in 1970s New York, he gets roped into a time travel quest bent on recovering his long-lost child and finding his old lover.

When a depressed middle aged man strikes up a romance with his neighbor in a modern suburban American town, he consults women's magazines to make himself into the perfect lover.

When a serial writer decides that he can’t take more of his monotonous life, he destroys his copywriter and leaves his domestic prison to protest the rise of the machines.

When a teenage girl in 1940s New York City finally conjures up the urge to demand some money that a friend owes her, she’s treated to an afternoon of conversation unlike anything she’s ever heard before.

A maid in New York City catches stray bits and pieces of her customers’ lives as they waltz in and out of her dressing room at a nightclub.

Following a drunk driving accident that leaves his body scarred and his marriage broken, an unemployed gay man comes to the conclusion that his time in New York City is up.

An Irish writer working on deadline tells a story about a female marine in Afghanistan who is estranged from her family. As the story grows, the Irish writer is confronted with unwelcome regrets concerning his own difficult family life.