Short stories published in West Branch

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In the 1980s in Summersville, West Virginia, a town with a dying coal industry and a burgeoning tourism industry, a whitewater rafting accident results in the death of a high school aged girl and her father. The tour guide responsible becomes mad with grief and obsession; a year later, when he tells a story of what really happened that day, it's unclear what's reality and what's fiction.

Two sisters become inseparable and co-dependent after being abducted and sexually abused by a man in a van as children. When one sister finds out their abuser is up for parole, she leaves town and the other sister follows.

When a friend's wedding forces her to reunite with both a past flame and her former abuser, a young woman must confront some old wounds.

After having an affair with a married man, a woman divorces her old husband and remarries, but she struggles to keep up with the compounded responsibilities of mother- and step-motherhood.

A boy rides along in his father's truck, but when he breaks his father's only rule—don't touch anything—by turning on the radio, he hears another trucker threatening the safety of his father.

In Johnstontown, Pennsylvania, two women, generations apart, survive devastating floods that kill their families. They meet and share their stories, but find it difficult to bond over the differences in their experiences.