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A Vietnamese near-centenarian living in New Orleans reminisces on wars he experienced, ideas he held, and countries he saw during the 20th century with the help of the ghost of an old friend: Ho Chi Minh.

A young Arizonian boy is kidnapped twice: first, by his father during a custody battle, and second, by a prostitute with something to prove.

A desperate man in the Air Force reserve in the 1960s struggles with his belief in fighting for the US during the Vietnam War but fears that objecting may lead to his imprisonment.

To hear his friends and readers tell it, an American war correspondent based in Saigon is losing touch with reality. But to him, the opposite is true. Through studies of the Vietnamese people and fantastical letters to his children, he alternately tries to confront and embrace the world as it truly is.

In the 1980s, when one of the women in a New York female friend group is on the brink of death, her friends reflect on their children, particularly the ones who are gone, and their attachments to each other.

Before leaving his home to fight in the Vietnam War, a young Hawaiian has to decide what to do about his favorite pet pigeon. While deliberating, he's forced to confront the responsibility he bears for his sister's mental instability.

When a soldier decides to leave the Vietnam War and travel to Paris by foot, his squad and lieutenant follow his path through miles of mountains to search for him.

An investigator stays in a family home in order to become acquainted with the family and all their intricacies while he investigates the case of family's adult son, who has threatens to kill the president of the United States to spare the lives of those involved in Vietnam.

A young man who is described as hippy-esque receives a letter from a friend who is killed during the Vietnam war and grapples with the possibility of being drafted himself.

A young Black man returns home to his small Ohio town from Vietnam and becomes a drug pusher to make money, only to face that violence of a father after his son dies of a suspected drug overdose.