Short stories tagged with Honesty

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After several divorces and the death of his daughter, a man receives a terminal diagnosis himself, and ends up exploiting his impending death to amuse himself. At his deathbed, however, he is granted a moment of clarity where he can finally be his true self.

A writer chronicles his history of depression and critiques society's attitudes toward the mentally ill.

An art curator in Seattle leaves his wife for a goth mom he met through an online BDSM community and has been having an affair with for three years. He remains hesitant to be public about his relationship, which he worries would jeopardize his career. On a trip to KinkFest, the couple visits his cousin, and the different spheres of his life collide.

An attorney general is thrust into a campaign for governor when an opposing candidate becomes popularized by a religious cult whose previous leader was recently murdered. The attorney general's task of winning over the masses becomes all the more difficult when his son-in-law confesses to the cult leader's murder.

A struggling private-investigator is drawn into a lurid murder-suicide case even after he is officially off the case.

Two boys become friends after one of them displays unflinching honesty in the face of a tyrannical teacher. Ultimately, their friendship is destroyed when the same honesty robs the second boy of some of his childhood ignorance.

After a young Jewish boy moves to Berlin with his family, he learns that his family agreed to watch a boy from the mental institution on the weekends. The two become friends, and the boy learns more about himself through meeting the other boy.

When a young aspiring writer takes residence with a Jewish couple, he is pressured into maintaining a façade about his potential for publishing.

A woman confronts her boyfriend about suspicious behavior involving another woman and discovers that she cannot trust anything he says.

Speaking of his past experiences, a Vietnam War veteran describes the darker, unspoken details of life as a soldier that people often overlook.