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A middle-aged Asian-American woman uses silence to her advantage in navigating family dynamics and understanding the absence of love in her life.

The child of two psychiatrists grows up in a social bubble consisting of her parents' colleagues and their children. She forms a special bond with one of the colleagues in particular, an asexual male psychologist who functions as an aunt.

A young boy in 20th-century Illinois observes a woman from afar as she escapes an abusive relationship, gets married, and finds her calling.

Two generations of Irish families recount their traumatic experiences and moments of secrecy. When two members of each finally meet decades later in America, they fall in love but the secrecy of their lives remains.

In mid-century, small-town Maverley, a veteran police officer meets a sheltered teenage girl who become rebellious. They remain acquaintances throughout the years, and he follows gossip about her troubled family life.

In a small town in Minnesota, a man's ex-wife returns to him, homeless and in request for help, after abandoning him and their son more than a decade ago.

In an austere farmstead on the distant planet O, two lovers must find a way to fool their fellow citizens and satisfy a complicated series of marriage rites so that their forbidden love may last forever.

On his way to use the healing spring to cure his pneumonia, a man meets a freedman who tells his story of escaping slavery and helps the man reimagine his relationship with his long-lost father.

A young girl grows up hearing stories about close family friends who went back to India, but when the family comes back to America with a secret and lives with her family for a few weeks, tensions erupt.

A young boy deals with difficult life changes one fateful year after his high-achieving brother nearly drowns in a swimming pool and falls into a coma.