Short stories tagged with Domestic Violence

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On the first day of his first paid vacation, a good-natured man stumbles across a dysfunctional family who needs his help.

A family with a gene that allows them to transform into snakes grapples with tradition and intergenerational trauma. The two daughters of this family have to decide: will they stay with an abusive family, or will they molt out of it?

A successful middle-aged lawyer brings home her little sister, a woman who was institutionalized at a young age. In attempting to sort out her sister's history and her own corruption, the woman encounters continually perplexing behavior from those around her.

A middle-aged man begins a sexual relationship with his younger brother's wife after his brother kills three people in a car crash and checks into a psychiatric ward.

After their fighting neighbors wake them up in the middle of the night, a suburban married couple stays up, watching television and dreaming about what their lives could be if only they could break free from the monotony of ritual.

After a lifetime of getting pummeled by his own family and wife, a man gets the last laugh.

A teenage boy tries to navigate his personal relationships while he attempts to understand his many experiences of domestic and interpersonal violence. He struggles to find connection with anyone other than his eccentric, ailing grandfather.

While on vacation in the countryside, a woman prepares lunch for her husband and their daughter, only to have her plans spoiled when their daughter insists on going to the neighbor's farm to watch a goat give birth.

A grandmother realizes the men in her family are dangerous and takes justice into her own hands.

A man plots to murder his wife, but news of her pregnancy throws off his plan.