Short stories tagged with Ominous

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Two parents send their child a questionnaire full of mysterious questions that reveal insights into their relationship with their child.

When a married couple attempts to change their flat tire on the side of the road, a group of boys offer to help, thinly masking their true malicious intent.

A young, aspiring Native chef in New York City falls in love with a mysterious deer-woman, who convinces her to murder and harvest the hearts of white women to avenge the deaths of her ancestors.

In a small town in present-day America where an ominous legend and a recent string of male disappearances have unnerved the public imagination, a hitchhiker and a barefoot traveler tread in the dark woods.

A town has frequent visits from phantom apparitions, and the townspeople have many explanations for the ghosts, ranging from disbelief to hallucination to the idea that humans and phantoms were once a single race.

A mother comes home from the park one day and tells her husband she was followed by a strange young boy in a green hat. The husband does not fully believe his wife because of her past bouts of paranoia, so he decides to investigate.

Stranded on a ominous island and taken in by a lavishly rich gentleman, a celebrated hunter finally gets a taste of what it's like to be the prey.