Short stories tagged with Painting

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An adolescent runaway considers enlisting to fight in World War II so that he can escape getting involved in the crimes happening around him.

Two parents send their child a questionnaire full of mysterious questions that reveal insights into their relationship with their child.

After his longtime boyfriend kicks him out, a promising young illustrator moves to Arizona where he reflects on everything he’s had to do for money. As he tries to capture these memories in his paintings, he begins to understand all that he’s lost as well as what might be possible.

In 1970, under the repressive Greek junta, two old friends are reunited as political prisoners in a detainment camp. When one of them falls in love with a painter and muralist mural, he begins to wonder if one of her artwords holds the secret to their fates.

A couple adopts a troubled six year old child who takes a startling interest in one very precious item in their home.

In the early 1930s, an aspiring Jewish artist takes a voyage across the Atlantic in search of a mentor in Paris. The man she is looking for is no longer there, but she meets someone else instead: a doctor turned novelist with an unsavory philosophy but burning desires.

Louise, a humble "honey-colored" slave, gains a new master whose wife loves to paint. The master leaves town, and Louise must endure an uncomfortable few weeks posing naked for his wife.

The secret to immortality keeps one of the greatest portraitists of all time alive, but at the cost of her art and love.

Amid a manhunt in her town for a bombing suspect, a widow becomes obsessed with finding Bigfoot.

On a trip to Basel, a man falls in love with a middle-aged writer’s muse, creating a love triangle destined to fall apart under the weight of the old writer’s age.