Short stories published in Exotic Gothic

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A middle-aged man wins a free trip to Ireland, but soon realizes it was orchestrated by someone from his past who forces him to complete a strange mission.

A sailor abandons ship in the midst of a storm on the West African coast, only to face graver danger onshore when the woman he expects to be his saving grace ends up being his worst nightmare.

After seeing a horrifying creature in the forest surrounding their home, a husband and wife try to plan an escape, leaving their three terrified children hidden inside and anxiously awaiting their return.

A young woman and her sister-in-law travel to Fiji to capture an infamous vampire dog, risking their lives in the process, for a well-paying doctor who claims to need them for his sick son. Only one of them returns home, and the doctor is revealed to have alternative plans for the dogs.

An airman grieving his wife’s death worries that a superior’s carelessness may harm a young recruit, who has been traumatized by a hazing ritual.