Short stories tagged with Confusing Ending

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A young woman attending a party with her obscure boyfriend is a witness to a dire cosmic event that thrusts her into a new, desolate existence.

A man delves into the madness of mankind by checking into an insane asylum.

A filmmaker and his companion interview an old movie star, only to be caught in the middle of a conspiracy theory about her most famous scene.

A mother takes her son and his friend to a prison to see the electric chair to teach the boys about right and wrong at an early age.

A New Yorker tired of the cold seeks to make the most of the year’s first spring breeze with her resistant husband.

A Hemingway scholar is convinced by a conman to forge a Hemingway story in order to get millions of dollars in a plot that may disrupt the omniverse, even as the famed author steps in to intervene.

A crew producing a staged paranormal tv-shows begins shooting a new episode in an allegedly haunted bar when their on-stage medium suddenly flips the script.

In the modern day, a mixed-race man perched on the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge, ready to jump. He contemplates his lovers, mother, writing, and regrets to the tune of an old jazz song.