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In the near future, a voice actor narrating a documentary learns about a man who collected and recorded music during the height of the zombie plague, and the strange music he discovered in Appalachia.

A journalist interviews a filmmaker at three different points in human history–2018, 2027, and 2039–to chart the discovery, retrieval, and visualization of a mysterious book found on Mars.

A filmmaker and his companion interview an old movie star, only to be caught in the middle of a conspiracy theory about her most famous scene.

When married scientists invent a means of observational time travel, they hope to expose the WWII atrocities committed on Chinese prisoners by the Japanese at Unit 731 in Pingfang. However, their efforts only stir up political controversy and hateful backlash from denialists, and ultimately reveal that nations - and individuals - often choose to hide from the past rather than confront it.

After a man loses his wife in a car crash, he decides to hibernate through the winter. Soon, the rest of the town follows suit.