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On their honeymoon in present-day Rome, two newlyweds encounter a rift when the wife’s demands that their in-vitro child be Jewish doesn’t sit well with her atheist husband.

A young man recently dumped by his boyfriend finds both solace and conviction in memories of his past and an unusual romantic memoir from the 1950s. But the more he delves into the book and his memories, the greater his feelings of pain and regret.

A woman recalls the life and death of her aunt, an American who became an avid traveler and died by suicide after she realized that nothing in her life was as exotic or exciting as she once believed.

A bipolar doctor returns to the West Coast after an extended period of practicing medicine in Africa. An unexpected hospital stay makes him remember an old promise he made to his sister.

When a Japanese man visiting Singapore with his girlfriend gets sick from a local crab restaurant, it upends his entire relationship.

After surviving an attack on his life, a Serengeti park ranger realizes that greedy poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the valuable horns of the endangered rhinoceros.

A man lives with his greyhound on a desert island reflects after a recent apocalypse brings all of the world’s towers crashing down. He writes letters to a distant friend, whom he hasn’t heard from in a long time but still hopes to meet in person one day.

An American man travels to Peru, where he impregnates a woman who works at a local café.

On a distant planet where the citizens are made of porcelain, a low-class woman makes the mistake of falling in love with a human tourist.

A pessimistic tour-guide in Dehli grows frustrated with his life while working to prevent his naïve American tourists from being scammed by merchants and beggars.