Short stories tagged with Female Friendship

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A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

Two middle aged and unmarried women living in New York City together, after a vicious and petty fight, discover the importance of their friendship.

A group of girls living in an agrarian commune go to extraordinary lengths to protect a technologically advanced humanoid robot from its makers.

A young woman in Nashville helps mediate her roommate's messy relationship when her drunk boyfriend insists on coming over late at night.

In an alternate universe of white suburban America, one nine-year-old girl's childhood is cut short when her parents find her a marital match: a socially-awkward businessman with a ridiculous mustache. Although she surrenders to her mother's housewife training, when the day of the wedding arrives, she tries to escape, endangering her and others in the process.

In a small town in present-day America where an ominous legend and a recent string of male disappearances have unnerved the public imagination, a hitchhiker and a barefoot traveler tread in the dark woods.

As she walks alongside the Hudson River with her friend, a woman excitedly explains her intricate vision of what would give her happiness.

After meeting a young widow at a family party, a 21-year-old Turkish woman finds herself a new friend with which to bake chocolate cakes, dance at night, and voice the tragedies her family refuses to confront.

A group of nuns embark on an adventure to buy new bees for the convent, fearful of the world but equipped with resourcefulness and wisdom.

In futuristic Nigeria, a seemingly innocent dinner party at the home of a wealthy scientist turns into a nightmare. Three women join forces to rescue the others with their special abilities and newly-acquired weapons.