Short stories tagged with Archaeology

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An archaeologist finds an ancient funeral cave and intact skulls containing jars of bone marrow. When she studies one of the jars back at the lab, she accidentally exposes herself to its contents and experiences a strange transformation.

A young alien scientist joins forces with other archaeologists to uncover the secrets of a race that died out many years ago.

An archaeologist on a dig in Africa uncovers a shard that brings the dark magic of the Brotherhood of the Higher Ones to the present day.

Of the many women at the archaeology firm fawning at their handsome, well-educated boss, Brigitte is the plainest and least confident. But when Brigitte grabs the attention of the boss one day by accidentally appearing at the company gala in her birthday suit, their romance — and her professional reputation — takes a turn for the unexpected.

An archaeology professor tries to infiltrate a burial site in Ireland, following a rumor that light will unlock the crypt's secrets. The spirits inhabiting the site panic over his arrival, as they have not made contact with humans in a century.