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An ordinary man gets an inch and a half of mention in the newspaper after stumbling into a low stakes rescue — and the small bit of fame sends him spiraling down a dark, egotistical path.

After an elementary school art teacher's fiancé breaks up with her and calls off the wedding, the Yale graduate gets fired from her job and begins babysitting one of her former first graders.

A disagreement between a cavern tour guide and his "hippie" dance-instructor wife over whether to risk growing weed in order to scrape by ends with him living alone in an RV behind his friend's house, spiraling into alcoholism.

A tired mother works to maintain her family life while dealing with her spiteful husband who just got fired from his job and is willing to go on strike to get his position back.

An unemployed woman in a contemporary urban setting passes a slow day at home, where mundanities consume her and reality seems far away.