Short stories tagged with Tragedy And Loss

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In a future where death is volunteered and the population is controlled, a soon-to-be father waits for his triplets to be born—and he must find three volunteers to die in order for them to live.

A movie star lost in grief over the death of his long-term girlfriend injects himself with her digitally-preserved personality so he can hallucinate her presence, but the visions begin to go horribly wrong.

A seventh-grade English teacher copes with the recent death of her father and assigns a memoir that her students love reading. However, their parents question her for her pedagogical choices because of the swear words and provocative topics in the book.

A Korean War nurse faces gripping memories of childhood loss upon encountering an old friend.

A Kentucky community gains national attention when bears learn how to start fires. A curious man attempts to learn more about the phenomenon while caring for his nephew and aging mother.

After spending her life burning her written memories and deleting her own past to the point where her physical body is vanishing, a woman realizes that one of her lost memories may prevent a terrorist attack, and must try to remember all the lost pieces of her traumatic past.

Fifteen members of the United States Marines tell stories about their time serving in Europe during World War I.

A Polish-Israeli produce vendor's son is mystified by his father's kind treatment of a philosophy professor as he slowly learns of the murders in the man's past.

In 1950s England, crates filled with tens of thousands of books mysteriously arrive from Shanghai addressed to a young boy's Jewish father. The father later discovers the collection belongs to his second cousin, a Holocaust refugee.

An aging woman obsessed with mysterious accidents finally meets the monster she’s been searching for ever since her father’s disappearance years before.