Short stories tagged with Climactic Ending

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When a teenage boy's father goes missing, the boy suspects that his father's girlfriend knows more than she lets on. He follows her to an abandoned hospital one night to find answers.

After the LAPD notices that the same female witness testified for two unrelated homicide cases, one detective must convince the witness to tell there truth before the murderer strikes again.

When a fallen angel makes it her mission to help humanity, she realizes her efforts come at a cost. Though she manages to save several innocent children from violence and tragedy, she begins to become more and more human, feeling herself growing increasingly angry and vengeful.

When a man's son visits with his new girlfriend, the father worries that she is only interested in the grand house and family money. The father knows he should not intervene in his son's relationship, but the more time he spends with them, the more he dislikes her and the more difficult it gets to stay quiet.

A young black man struggles to survive basic training for the Army, as his superiors torment him and he is constantly punished for misbehaving.

When a family finds a child in their yard buried in snow and suffering from frostbite, they try to warm him up to save his life. The child eventually awakes and tells them that his family is in danger, and so two men and a boy venture out to save their neighbors, if they can make it through the deep snow without freezing.

A man from Vienna has recently become an American citizen and now works as a musician at a Jewish restaurant in New York, where he plays piano in a quintet. When the restaurant is robbed and the man is held hostage along with the restaurant's guests and staff, he must try to survive while maintaining his grip on reality as strange things begin to happen around him.

A man learns the exact date and time of his death from a fortune teller, and, when the day comes, he visits his ex-girlfriend's house, hoping to turn it into a grand performance for her and her children.