Short stories tagged with Urban Life

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A 13-year-old boy growing up in a Catholic orphanage in the slums of Bangkok learns that he is the final incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu and must battle the dragon Jade to keep the world green.

A middle-aged man’s trip into the Irish countryside causes him to reflect on the dreams he gave up for his now-failing marriage.

An enigmatic, aging nightclub hostess finds her cool exterior challenged when an unexpected marriage proposal comes from a millionaire admirer.

A man who has lived as both a seaman and a barber settles in the city, where he acquires a pet alligator.

Upon encountering a former student of his on the train, a pompous writer is knocked off of his pedestal.

A man who snitched on his gang becomes extremely paranoid as he waits for the leader’s retaliation.

A husband and wife have a bizarre conversation as they grapple with the reality of leaving each other.

A Jinn who works as a rideshare driver to maintain independence from his possibly-evil father finds his resolution against using magic put to the test when his latest client turns out to be a magical terrorist.