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While waiting for their reverend to arrive for their prayer group amidst a horrible storm, a pair of elderly Southern women try to repair a broken friendship by sharing stories about the mysterious acts of God that saved them.

When an old nurse and two children go out for a perfect afternoon walk, they are distraught to return home and find that something is out of place.

A traveling salesman tells a story in an attempt to bore his kidnappers after he is beaten, robbed, and held hostage by two hitchhikers.

On his sixth birthday, a young boy receives a surprise present that forever changes his perspective on life.

Isolation overwhelms a new mother as she struggles with emotional distance from her husband and son. In a desperate moment, she makes a rash decision to get a brief respite from the stress.

When a paddle-boating excursion goes wrong, a family makes one final sweet memory to cling onto during the years of separation and sadness that follow.

When the biggest blizzard to hit Boston since 1935 leaves a recently-arrived young refugee stranded in the cold, he boards a mysterious train and meets a strange, ghostly man.

A priest dining on a dock in Spain proves a point about how humans only feel pity for things that they see in front of them when a pigeon starts drowning in the water.

When a middle-aged man is visited by his wife’s two orthodox friends from Jerusalem, the husband finds his secular Jewish lifestyle in South Florida under attack. To clear the air between them, the two couples smoke weed.