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A teenage boy must embrace his geeky nature to win over a crush from his suave competitor.

In a near-future American city, a black teenage girl visits a memory alteration agency with her friends on a night out. She chooses to delete an embarrassing memory from a first encounter with a girl she likes, in hopes of giving their relationship a fresh start.

Kayla and S.T. barge unsuccessfully through several Shabbos parties in search of booze and a boy, finally resigning and turning in, happy to have each other.

During an overnight field trip to a museum, an elementary-aged girl who claims to be good with boys despite her mediocre looks tries to spend some time alone with her crush, but her crush's helicopter mother keeps interfering.

A young girl helps her father search for her little sister who was kidnapped by her mother.

A young girl feels under-appreciated and left out during a family trip to Italy when her older sister and their college-age babysitter engage in a romantic affair.

A doctor takes a job at a retirement home and treats a patient with amnesia who remembers through music. As they grow closer, he discovers an eery link between her and the person he loves the most.

A circus clown in unrequited love with the girl on the flying trapeze attempts to explain how he ended up onstage, pantless and pelted with trash, while lions ate the flying trapeze girl's lover.

After an NYU student attempts suicide, he tries to navigate the awkwardness of his friend group and continues to pine after a girl who has a boyfriend.

As a young gay Pakistani man goes through the interview process to become an Air Force officer, he reflects on how he got there and why he might want to be chosen after all. A crush on a fellow interviewee both complicates things and makes them simpler, in turns.