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When a postman in Trenton, New Jersey succumbs to tetanus, his fellow townspeople learn that he’d spent decades stealing their mail, leading to a town-wide hatred of the dead man.

A traumatic incident changes a boy's baby brother, straining relationships within the boy's family as a whole.

In an apocalyptic far future, a man is trapped in an infinite loop of dreams.

In civil war-stricken Burundi of 1994, a divorced expatriate posing as a blindfolded chess grandmaster meets another imposter pulling off the same con as him.

When the 1979 June 4th Revolution in Ghana spreads across the country, the people of a small town quickly change from hopeful to fearful as life becomes violent. To cope, they must turn to the most powerful presence in their lives.

In 1110s Islamic Spain, a banished court philosopher's affair with a supernatural girl lends his ideas persistence when she gives him a cohort of children to spread his beliefs to all corners of the world.

After looking into her lover's eyes and seeing an inexplicable malice, a girl in an ambiguous Scandinavian world sets off on a quest to confront the Devil about the quotidian evil he unleashed into the world.

When an extraterrestrial bug bites a space explorer in the arm, a comical medical emergency replete with amputations and miscommunications ensues.

When a St. Louis health surveillance drone is without purpose due to CDC budget cuts, it finds new friendships in a flock of crows and a human scientist, and beings to work with them to combat the outbreak of disease.