Short stories tagged with Low Self Esteem

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A teacher finds herself entangled in the life of a mesmerising student, only to learn that everything he told her about himself was a lie.

A man becomes attracted to a beautiful woman and wants to learn more about the girl. However, he finds it difficult as she has become despondent after being mistreated by men.

The friendship between two college students is based entirely on dislike and desperation - but also need. One has an eating disorder that she needs help overcoming, while the other desperately wants access to luxury and wealth. As they grow closer, secrets and lies threaten to ruin their relationship.

In Mexico, as her oldest sister searches for their kidnapped sibling, Mari spends her time in a holding cell with a young anorexic woman on the verge of death.

A bullied young girl feeds a tiger her badness to keep from exploding.