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When a postman in Trenton, New Jersey succumbs to tetanus, his fellow townspeople learn that he’d spent decades stealing their mail, leading to a town-wide hatred of the dead man.

A twentieth-century ranch caretaker in Montana finds his peace of mind disrupted when the ranch is sold to a corpulent gay Wall Street banker.

A woman reflects on a day — back when she was a young poet in 1972 New York City — she spent retrieving furniture to borrow from a young man about to visit his home in Chile. The man was eventually taken by the secret police, leaving the woman with his furniture for years to come.

A single mother whose own mother recently passed away travels to South Carolina with her seven-year-old son in search of her mother's pet parrot, as she hopes to hear her mother's voice again.

A woman frantically prepares for an open house, but things go awry as revelations about her past marriages and identity arise.

When a mysterious businessman moves into the house next to his, a South African widow finds himself and his painter daughter embroiled in a political scandal.

A young girl and her immigrant father's bonding activity where they visit luxurious open houses under false names quickly turns sour when her father is accused of theft.

A queer Canadian woman's farm is shot at because she's different and more successful than neighboring farms.

After a father commits suicide in the family house, the house has “psychological impact” – reduced value or no buyers because of what happened there – so the widow and the daughter struggle to sell it and to leave him behind.

The nephew of a deceased housekeeper goes around to different apartments of high society figures in New York City, asking the housekeeper’s past employers if they can spend some money for her funeral arrangements.