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A hard-working Pennsylvania nurse discovers her friend and ex-lover dead in a ditch. She searches his pockets for the money she loaned him, and when she doesn't find it, she drags his dead body around town in a search for the money.

A good-hearted cop obsessed with the game of pool is exposed as a thrill-seeker who loves abusing the power that comes with his job

Three roommates agree to remove a woman's oil tank, but the outlandish payment she offers leaves them suspicious of what the tank may contain.

Having always admired gamecocks, a businessman makes a bet on a cockfight, only to be humbled by the gamecocks' fighting spirit.

A jockey becomes heated after a big race and disrespects those around him.

A twenty-year-old boxer endures his trainer's grueling practice techniques to perfect his skills and win money from bets at his bar fights on the weekends. Though boxing has given him a purpose and a home with his trainer's family, the young man fears for his future, especially considering the tragic failures of those before him.

An enforcer for the mob moves to California and ends up working for a different mob at a horse race, where he befriends an old Italian man who has a magical way with horses. Trouble comes when the enforcer is asked to "take care" of a kid with the same last name as the Italian man...

When a former air force pilot’s friend goes missing for 32 days, he recalls a dangerous but tempting deal he was offered months ago and assumes the worst for his more gullible and perhaps unlucky friend.