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A female cyborg must delve into a client's mind to rescue her partner's consciousness after a job gone wrong, but she doesn't realize that the security system inside this mind was created to be a copy of herself at her most bitter and bloodthirsty.

A gang of mobsters runs a risky errand for their boss. After they botch an attempt to one-up their biggest rival, the men begin to turn against each other.

A Kansas man who believes that God lives in all young children for a time recalls to a companion the exact moment that God left him. As a boy, he befriends a woman who the town believes is a witch, but when the town turns on her, he joins the mob instead of defending her.

In a small American village, anticipation builds for an annual event dubbed "The Lottery," where villagers select a member of the community at random to suffer an irrational and inhumane fate.

An enforcer for the mob moves to California and ends up working for a different mob at a horse race, where he befriends an old Italian man who has a magical way with horses. Trouble comes when the enforcer is asked to "take care" of a kid with the same last name as the Italian man...

A man traveling to Cuba agrees to do a favor for his uncle, but when he finds himself involved in matters of money, politics, and sex, he realizes that his uncle's request may be more difficult and dangerous than he thought.

How far will people go for a hit of prehistoric ecstasy?