Short stories tagged with Robbery

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A down-and-out undercover police officer looks for potential crooks on the morning train to the airport.

An old man tells his nephew a story about how an incident involving a stolen lock eventually led to the creation of a town in 19th-century Mississippi.

A trooper in a Kentucky county recounts his early days encountering an outlaw group of little people.

In an Alaskan war camp during the apocalypse, a former microbiologist butchers the only form of meat left for consumption: the corpses of her deceased neighbors.

A traveling salesman tells a story in an attempt to bore his kidnappers after he is beaten, robbed, and held hostage by two hitchhikers.

A son tells a series of stories, most of them about his father and stepfather. As the son describes a robbery that took place at his house in high school and his experiences with his father, a former Jehovah's Witness and current alcoholic, he begins to recall details from his childhood.

A good-hearted cop obsessed with the game of pool is exposed as a thrill-seeker who loves abusing the power that comes with his job

After his wife's death, a man struggles with his belief in God and with taking care of his young daughters as a single father. But when someone is brutally murdered in the rural countryside, the man finds both a welcome distraction in bringing justice to the killer and an unlikely ally along the way.

A Trinidadian woman cursed with a cow's hoof as a foot gets joy from murdering men, but when she kills a woman disguised as a man, her curse spreads to its next victim.

A cash strapped married couple executes the perfect heist of a bank nobody would think to rob.