Short stories tagged with Class Conflict

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A government official scorns a young man, a former student of his, by coming between him and the woman he is pursuing. The young man seeks revenge, but the corruption of his country's politics brings him face to face with violence as he tries to gain political power and romantic love.

When a low-life janitor is framed for a brutal murder, a politician and his henchmen work to solve the case themselves.

In a futuristic world, a nomadic thief meets a wealthy young girl who is a programming genius, and just so happens to have the one thing he needs to score big in his most recent gamble.

A writer is drawn into a dangerous love triangle with a haunting, immortal spirit in contemporary San Francisco.

In a distant America, suffering from the effects of climate change, a Black researcher searches for a way to stop a deadly fungus from destroying one of the last farmlands owned by a Black farmer before her White partner can sell it all away.