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Several men become involved in a suspicious gambling ring where secret messages are being anonymously sent out about the race's winners. When one of the men suspects another of cheating, he sends someone to kill him, but the hitman struggles to complete the job as he becomes distracted by drugs and various women.

A bartender laments that the professional wrestlers in Charlotte are moving to Atlanta, feeling that all excitement is draining from the North Carolina town. At the end of the final match, all possibilities of love and hope drain from his life.

A man whose body has suffered as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome persists on—despite the bullying and naysayers—as a successful pediatric surgeon and an accomplished wrestler.

A young girl living with her grandparents is spectator to the conflicts between the members of their restaurant family—including their vicious guard dog, to who she forms an attachment.

A magician obsessed with fighting calls on a deity to help her when her gender bars her from doing so, embroiling her in a plot to defeat an evil king with the help of fellow fighters.

A wrestler who believes he has come to terms with his mortality faces death when he is scheduled to fight against a man who has already killed at least one opponent in the ring.