Short stories tagged with Gothic

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An inexperienced governess cares for an orphan in a gothic German castle and discovers that the child is a murderous sea serpent.

A Polish immigrant feels her mind slipping away, as her surroundings and even her own body seem unfamiliar. After she's diagnosed with Alzheimers, she reflects on the importance of her memories and her past.

A young man takes a woman to haunted ruins in England. They begin a happy romance until they encounter an enthralling monster and return from the ruins with portions of their memory missing.

When a steely and fiercely independent woman opens her heart to a bizarre visitor, it uplifts their entire Southern town, until their relationship falls prey to another man’s revenge.

A teacher invites her adult students — many with personal ties to the Holocaust — to attend a symposium on genocide, but the event is interrupted by incessant screams of an unknown origin.