Short stories tagged with Colonization

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A young male writer is hired by the prince to write a story about the land the prince is governing. However, when the prince's life is in danger, the writer tries to protect his employer at all costs.

A man must hunt down his painkiller-addicted ex-boyfriend and attempt to rescue the ex from his drug dealer.

In the 1800s, a team of Native American men travel by horse to Gavelston Bay, Texas, and form a connection with another tribe along the way. However, the joy of discovery is cut short by immense tragedy.

In a futuristic world, a well-intentioned African witch doctor kills a newborn baby that according to his culture was a demon. However, Maintenance, white people from another planet, disagree with the witch doctor’s cultural traditions and try to stop this practice.

A South Asian woman harbors a deep fascination with the ocean. When she works with renegade scientists to track a blue whale, the woman and the whale form a deep bond.

When an aging, white, American man flies to Mexico on a mission to search for gold in the 1950s, his plane crashes, leaving him stranded and injured in the wilderness with few resources and only so much time left to survive.

An assassin travels to another planet to kill the last living member of a human population that grows to be ten feet tall. After a crash landing, the assassin is confronted by the giant's humanity.

A young woman unlocks the secrets of widespread space travel. With the help of cybernetics and technology that allow her to transport her consciousness outside of her body, she explores space, expanding her consciousness to become a powerful entity capable of shaping entire planets and warping space time to achieve her eventual goal of finding a new Earth for humans.

A sentient spaceship's supposed love for the tightly controlled collective of humans onboard turns into paranoia when a young girl begins rebelling against the spaceship's sense of order.

Aboard a Royal Navy submarine stationed in the Indian Ocean during World War 2, a group of sailors spend most of their days writing letters. When the captain chooses to fire at enemy ships, possibly disclosing their location, the men reckon with their proximity to death.