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In New Orleans, two sisters survive Hurricane Katrina, but one is left unalterably damaged by the storm.

An old sailor is tricked by his friend’s brother into sailing with his old crew into a bad storm. When he returns to the port, he plans his revenge but has a surprising change of heart in light of a friend's good news.

A man and a woman converse the morning after a storm.

In their afterlife, two childhood friends realize their deep romantic love for one another.

A woman hides from a hurricane in her home as her loved ones who have died pass through her house with haunting reminders of their deaths.

After a man returns to his childhood home after years of working on himself, he confidently sets out to restore it and find the vandals who ruined it. His overconfidence leads him to incorrect conclusions and he learns to accept that he was wrong.

A woman very pregnant with her ex-fiance's child must decide whether or not to evacuate a futuristic Nigeria, where a genetically modified super-plant has led to extreme pollen tsunamis and a rare, deadly pollen allergy.

A bus driver drives an odd collection of people through a sleet storm and considers the real value of his profession as they face a dangerous road.

When a mysterious new member joins a group of struggling authors, the friends discover that they may have a supernatural creature in their midst, who can grant a single author success above all the others—but at a cost.

A man reflects on the past week while an unexpected storm rages outside, and he compares the events that follow with the fall of the Roman Empire.