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A Chinese American girl is sent to repair the malfunctioning universe on the verge of breaking down. She learns that fixing the world may mean the demise of her comatose mother and must decide if she can fulfill her duties.

An older gentleman walks around his hometown of New York City and reminisces about the life he used to live there, only to find his home is not as familiar as he thought.

After a fifteen-year-old girl makes a bet with her father that after high school she will leave home to never return, her father takes her to the train station early one morning and tells her to leave. When she winds up in Los Angeles, she finds her way there, despite the fact that she does not feel free.

In the late 20th century, a women riding a train from Boston to Chicago encounters a stranger who works as a phone psychic. While waiting for the train to keep moving after an unfortunate accident, he tells her a chilling prophecy.

A man must plan an escape when he finds himself stuck at a train station ends up trapped in a cult-like existence with no way out.