Short stories tagged with Retrospective

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Four teenage girls live in a small town in Saskatchewan where their family has been for generations. They are caught between a father who wants to leave and a mother whose iron will keeps her rooted to her hometown.

A young teenage girl finds herself orphaned and alone, struggling to fit in with the community at her aunt and uncle's home. She manages to befriend an older girl who lives nearby, but this friendship exposes her to a dangerous old man who preys on young girls.

A writer staying in Cape Cod spends one last evening with his friends, a married couple, wishing they wouldn't return to the city. He is reminded of how lonely he feels living on his own and implores the couple to stay.

A woman reflects on a day — back when she was a young poet in 1972 New York City — she spent retrieving furniture to borrow from a young man about to visit his home in Chile. The man was eventually taken by the secret police, leaving the woman with his furniture for years to come.

As a Canadian gym teacher starts a family and a new life with his wife, he worries about his brother ,who has a developmental disability. The teacher is haunted by his guilt from how he treated his brother in the past, and hopes to make up for his mistakes.