Short stories tagged with Homicide

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A woman navigates her new life and her relationship with her criminally insane husband, who killed her three children.

A man escapes a hit and run accident and feels immense guilt until he meets his own misfortune.

Back in his teenage days, a boy encountered a man with a plan to murder his cheating wife and her lover. Now an old man, he replays the incident in his mind with alternate endings.

A white soldier plots to kill a Black lieutenant, but the Black lieutenant knows how to keep his enemies close.

Three women are murdered. After they become the talk of the town, everyone speculates about what happened to them, and the police investigating the case receive one false piece of evidence after another another.

A couple moves into an old, country farmhouse and is touched by a sentimental grave. One day, a man arrives after being released from a mental hospital, tells the couple it's the grave of his beloved pet, and asks to dig it up; however, police detective intervenes and arrests the man. It turns out the man is a serial killer and the grave holds a suitcase full of trophies from his former victims.

A man gets murdered and his children try to find the murderer. Later on, they become acquainted with the murderer and the daughter marries him much to her brother's dismay.

In the city of Tangier, Morocco, a local man delves into the murder mystery of a Canadian named Duncan Marsh. Upon meeting with Marsh's watchman, he discovers details about Marsh's mysterious relationship with his cook and about the night of the murder.

In New Orleans, a young boy witnesses his distressed mother accusing his beloved stepfather of trying to kill her. He is sent to stay with his grandparents, but he remains in denial of his mother's accusation and hopes for the best for his family's future.