Short stories tagged with Reminiscing

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Three months after the death of his wife, a man tries to convince himself that he has not truly suffered a loss, all the while missing his wife more than ever.

Upon the death of their tyrannical mistress, three old maids venture to the place she forbade them to go and reminisce about her life.

A man remembers a fateful autumn during his junior year of high school, which he spent playing football in apple orchards, riding in his best friend's car, and falling in love.

As she begins to feel that her boyfriend is trying to create reasons for her to leave him, a woman tries to understand his difficult past as a child in the American foster care system.

A hungover young man marvels at a beautiful Southern plaza, reminisces his past, wonders about the future, and finds himself wondering what is happening around him.

Howie grows up to be a collegiate student athlete knowing that his best friend, Eddie, should have been, too.

In an eccentric take on the afterlife, a recently deceased man in his mid-20s reminisces on his life and marriage--two things he gradually learns were more complicated than he initially assumed.

As an old woman revisits her family's quintessentially American history, she finds a way to respect and love her parents, despite the scandals and tragedies they endured.

While comatose, a sixty-five-year old man reflects on his past love for a city called Williamstown as his grown children discuss his terminal illness.

After a young woman's ninety-nine-year-old neighbor peacefully dies, the old woman's family asks her to sort through her belongings for them. To her surprise, the young woman finds treasures the short-sighted family overlooked and her luck turns for the better.