Short stories tagged with ICE

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A six-year-old boy is tasked with helping his mother give birth at their remote home in the woods.

A young British soldier returns to his home in Westminster after the war, only to find that both he and the city have been impacted by the cruelness of the war.

When a mother crosses the United States southern border to escape the unsafe conditions of her home country, she begins having psychotic episodes while she waits to be reunited with her five-year-old son, from whom she was separated during the journey.

An ice skater in the entertainment industry, to the chagrin of her cat-obsessed mother, performs the same routine each night with a man dressed in a bear suit.

After one of her father's notebooks is recovered from an icecap, a woman recalls the love story between her mother, a rural woman who always wanted adventure, and her father, an adventurous explorer who disappeared on a voyage to the Arctic.

A woman remembers how she met her unusual husband in a ski lodge and the series of events that led them to their current home in the South Pole.

A Californian couple takes their teenage daughter on boarding school tours in New England, hoping to provide her some freedom after their older daughter passed away a year ago.

A woman, her brother, and her brother's partner enter into the Siberian tundra in order to find fossils, but are met with an unseen presence in the forest.