Short stories tagged with The Holocaust

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A college sophomore meets a thirty-something-year-old guy while working. Despite being exciting initially, the relationship heads towards uncomfortable territory.

A young boy tries to figure out why his father wakes up in the middle of the night to sit in their dark kitchen, alone with his thoughts.

A young woman finds the letters that her aunt wrote to her while the aunt was in a concentration camp, helping her mother give birth and raise the young woman

Four women–a retired dancer enacting an old dance, a grandmother preparing a birthday dinner for her family, her granddaughter participating in a genetics study, and a researcher quantifying the burden of old memories–all unite under the combined weight of their war-burdened pasts in the contemporary United States.

After an esteemed professor of anthropology writes a memoir detailing her family's experience during the Holocaust, an elderly woman reaches out, insisting that she is the professor's long-lost cousin.