Short stories tagged with Grave Robbing

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A team of female scientists excavate an ancient burial site located off of Lake Superior. Uncovering inhuman remains, they begin to question if the human bones were simply decorations for the tombs of something far more sinister.

A young Native American man visits a burial site on a nearby island and must reflect on both his allegiance to his culture and to himself.

An unpopular fifth-grade boy who is troubled by his drug-addicted parents discovers a plane crash site and retreats into fantasy.

A young Irish girl and her lover decide to retrieve a valuable ring from a grave — but both the girl and her lover are greedy and overwhelmed, and their night of grave robbing does not go as planned.

After his father complains that he spends too much time at the piano, a young boy in the 1940s American South plans to rob a grave in order to finance his music lessons.